Sao Paulo / Beco do Batman

Before we went to Sao Paulo we had heard different opinions about this big city. “Built up city” and “you only need one, maximum two nights”. And of course people who loved it. We like this city and it’s much more like Europe than Rio. They also have proper roads and cars, much less chaotic.

IMG_4692grafittiYesterday we went to see some famous graffiti spot called Beco do Batman. Jon was still a bit sick but much better, so we explored the neighborhood walking.



We found a charming deli-store but couldn’t buy anything, everything need to pass “is this really worth to be in my backpack?”


Tomorrow we are leaving and going south towards Curitiba and Florianopolis.

Sao Paulo

From the bus station we took the metro to Vila Madalena and our hostel. We were both tired and sweaty, a shower has never felt better. After some episodes of Criminal minds we went to bed early.

Our first day we met some other people at the breakfast in our hostel that invited us to join them for a city tour. Some were in need of buying some things but it started to rain so we went to a museum about the Portuguese language – all in Portuguese of course but we had people in our group that were able to help us out.


In the evening Jon began to feel a bit sick but it was a great day over all.

And the best thing about this city? All the great food. Burgers, noodles, tartar, tacos – all very delicious especially comparing to Rio.